Kalavryta, a small city in mountainous Achaia, is built on the site of ancient Arkadian city Kynaitha. Its name virtually means, “good taps” and was apparently adopted during the Frankish period in the 13th c. AD. In recent history, during World War Two, tragedy struck the town, when all male population was executed by the German occupation troops on the 13th December 1943 and the town was set ablaze. Kalavryta is known as a memorial site of martyrdom.

Nowadays, Kalavryta is a popular destination for tourists during the winter period, as it features an up-to-date infrastructure for winter sports and one of the largest ski centres in Greece.

In the area of Kalavryta it is worth visiting the two historical monasteries, Ayia Lavra and Mega Spilaio, as well as the Vouraikos Gorge, crossed by the funicular railway, which first operated in 1895. Because of the very difficult terrain and the high altitude, the train switches from regular rail to a cog system, where the slope exceeds inclination of 10%.

Visit: http://www.kalavrita.gov.gr/