Athens is the capital of Greece. The city was named after the goddess Athena, who was also her guardian. Athens […]


Kalavryta is a small mountain town in the Achaia region. It is built in the area of ​​the Arcadian city […]


Patras is the capital of the Prefecture of Achaia as well as the largest port of the Peloponnese. During the […]


Zakynthos, internationally known as “Jante”, or Fioro of Levante (= Flower of the East) is the eleventh island in Greece […]

Lake Tsivlou

Lake Tsivlou is located in the prefecture of Achaia on Mount Helmos, at an altitude of 800m. It was created […]


Delphi was an ancient Greek city in which it operated the most important oracle of the ancient Greek world. The […]

Ancient Epidaurus

Epidaurus is a historic town in the area of ​​Argolis and is 12 km from the small town of Old […]

Ancient Olympia

Olympia was the most glorious sanctuary of ancient Greece dedicated to Zeus. It was the venue for the Olympic Games […]

Cave of the Lakes

The Cave of the Lakes is located near the village of Kastria of Achaia, 16.5 km from Kalavryta. Its 13 […]