Epidaurus is a historic town in the area of ​​Argolis and is 12 km from the small town of Old Epidaurus.

Built at the foot of the mountains Arachnaios, Koryfaios and Tithio, the birthplace of Asclepius according to mythology.
The worship of Asclepius began in Epidaurus for the first time in the 6th century BC.

Its strategic location, but most importantly its Asclepieion, helped to make the city experience unprecedented growth. Its inhabitants were mainly engaged in shipping. Its first settlement dates back to prehistoric times.

Of all the ancient theaters, the theater of Epidaurus is the most beautiful and best preserved. In a ravine in 340 BC, the ancient architect Polykleitos the Younger built, according to Pausanias, the theater of Epidaurus.

Designed for patient entertainment, it has a capacity of 13,000 spectators. Its wonderful acoustics and its very good condition have contributed to the creation of the Epidaurus festival, an institution that has been around for many years.

Apart from Epidaurus, she has appeared alongside major Greek actors such as Alexis Minotis, Thanos Kotsopoulos, Katina Paxinou, Anna Synodinou, Thanasis Vegos and more. and the famous Greek soprano Maria Callas.

In Epidaurus there were two national assemblies during the Greek Revolution. The first on 20 – 12 – 1821 proclaiming the independence of the Greek nation and the second on March 1826.

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